Common problem

Installation Process

      Note: Please shut down the 3Ds Max  before installing.

1、Please enter the official website: first. Find [Download] on the top of the page, to link to the download page.

2、Find the download button, and click to download it.

 Note: The client only supports 64-bit systems, and the system of 

            win7 is recommended.

3、 Please click "reservation".

Note: This document will not affect your computer. Please rest assured use.

4、After storing the installation package, click it to start installing.

Note: the client plug-in only supports max/maya2009-2017, please shut down the 

           3Dmax/Maya software before installing.

5、    Please select the English vision

6、    Click [next]

7、    Select the appropriate installation location, click [next]

8、    Select the appropriate storage location, click [next]

9、    Complete setting, click[installation]

     10Installation is finished.

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